About us


BAE are here to shake up the music industry. We put on sickening events, provide amazing services and all while celebrating artists and celebrating women in the industry and beyond!


There are 2 major points we want to focus on- women in the industry and upcoming bands.

Sexism remains prevalent in this industry. Lately, perhaps more than ever, women have started speaking up about the injustice they go through just because of what’s between their legs. We are not taken seriously, we are being taken advantage of, and we lose jobs because of our gender. On the other side of the industry, the female fans are being belittled by many, told their opinions have no values and constantly put down by the people who consider themselves better. 

BAE was inspired by amazing women like Kate Nash, Shirley Manson, Charli XCX, Grimes and Lauren Mayberry who have decided they’ve had enough. We want to continue that conversation and put a stop to this casual sexism. 

Our goal is to inspire and help young women who want to have their future in this industry to get their foot in the door. We will be offering opportunities to join BAE in the future. Taking care of each other and standing together is true girl power!

The industry has too many fat cats putting cash into their deep pockets while exploiting bands and not giving them anything in return. New and upcoming bands are being manipulated by the industry snakes, promising them the world but never delivering. They are being lured into bad deals, unfairly treated and all because of greed. 

We want to make a change. We want to put a stop on this. We want to do things differently and leada revolution in the music industry. Ambitious, I know- but someone has to do it.

We are not afraid to speak up and to be honest. No condescending bullshit- we are all in this together. We take care of our clients to the best of our ability. We want to set an example and raise the bar. The current standard is not good enough, let’s build a new one!

BAEVOLUTION is coming.

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