About us



Band Aids Extraordinaire (BAE) is the creation of Kat Von Jaxx and Penny Blakemore, two experienced young professionals who strive to make the live music industry better for everyone.



What We Do

Band Aids Extraordinaire are here to provide professional artist services for festivals, local gigs, showcases and tours. Whether you’re looking for someone to sell your merchandise at gigs, promote your mailing lists and social media, or liaise with artists at your event, BAE will provide excellent service backed with years of experience.

It’s not just about selling t-shirts, it’s about engaging with fans and allowing them to connect with their favourite artists. Click on our services to see how we can help you.


Behind the Cause

Sexism remains prevalent in this industry as, from personal experience, we've been rejected for work because they "didn't want a girl on the bus." Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who experience this shortfall because of our gender.

Let's think about this:

  • Why are female artists asked “are you the girlfriend?” when they arrive to play a show?
  • Why are artists with majority of female fans not taken seriously?
  • Why does a term “fangirl” have such negative connotations when they are the biggest supporters of the world’s most successful artists?

The common denominator for all these questions is sexism.

We want to continue the conversation already started by women like Grimes, Charli XCX and Lauren Mayberry (CHVRCHES), as well as campaigns like Girls Against, in order to shout even louder and put a stop to this casual sexism. Can we change it on our own? No, but we can change it together.

Our goal is to inspire and help young women who want to have their future in this industry to get their foot in the door. We will be offering  opportunities to join BAE in the future. Taking care of each other and standing together is true girl power!

We are here to do what we do best: provide professional artist services whilst fighting against misogyny and blazing a trail for the next generation of talented women. We want everyone to be able to live their dreams and pay the rent at the same time.

Have you got a story? Contact us.





Penny Blakemore

Penny first began working in events at the age of 19, during her studies at Nottingham Trent University. What began as a (rather vague) degree in Media and Communications ignited her interest in live events, tours, and production.

At 19, she joined GameCity festival in Nottingham, volunteering for the organisation as a steward and production assistant. One year later, she was in charge of over 100 volunteers at the same festival; promoting, recruiting and training the next year of undergrads who wanted to make a difference. She continued to work with GameCity over the following 4 years, leading her younger peers through their first work experience in the events industry.

When she turned 20, Penny was introduced to the music industry rather abruptedly; her first gig ended in long-lasting friendships with the headline act as she helped them sell their merchandise rather than sitting back to enjoy the music. Over the next four years she did this at almost every gig she went to.

In 2014 she began her Masters degree in Magazine Journalism at the University of Sheffield. Specializing in music journalism, she interviewed, reviewed and wrote features on her favourite artists, utilising her skills in photography and creative writing.

Penny is currently working with Prides, Fatherson and many others on tour, as well regular gigs at the Leadmill. She is now available for a variety of work: Mailing List Recruitment and Data Collection, Merchandise Management,  Press and PR, and Social Media Management.

Kat Von Jaxx

Originally from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Kat moved to Manchester in 2013 to pursue her career in the music industry.

Kat spent the past three years getting her Music Business degree, as well as gaining as much practical experience as possible. Starting with local events like Not A Summer Festival, as well as university gigs, she built her foundations by working in Artist Liaison. This role has stayed a big passion for Kat as she secured the position at events like Liverpool Sound City, Parklife, Redfest and Dot to Dot. Stage Management was another skill discovered at University events; going on to do festivals like Leeds and The Great Escape.

However, touring has always been Kat's main passion. Starting as a Merchandise Manager for The Struts, Kat got her opportunity to start riding in vans with bands. Soon she was back with Darlia, continuing the ride with Pale Waves and the game changing tour with VITAMIN, which she worked on with Penny. This is where the idea of BAE was conceived.

Currently Kat works as a part of Merchandise crew at Manchester Arena, working with clients such as Justin Bieber and The Cure.

Kat is currently available for Artist Liaison, Mailing List Recruitment and Data Collection, Merchandise Management and Stage Management.

Melissa Pierce

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Melissa doesn't let 4k+ miles of distance between her and Kat/Penny get in the way of BAE's collaborative workings.

After graduating from University of North Florida in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design & Digital Media, she has worked in several different aspects of design, including print, motion graphics, digital signage, UI/UX, and web design & development. However, she currently works full time as a packaging graphic developer for a major spirits company while simultaneously following her passion as an illustrator through side-projects and commissions.

As a fan of music, she regularly creates artwork for her favorite musicians as passion projects. Some of which have led to actual work and also becoming involved with UQ Music—an international and collaborative independent pop music blog—as a contributing designer & illustrator.

Melissa is currently available for design & illustration requests.